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Volume 24, Issue 1

Keeping in Touch

The Official Newsletter for IASNR Members

Notes from the Executive Officers

The 2024 IASNR Conference in Cairns, Australia, themed ‘Re-creating landscape and culture in a time of global change,’ is approaching quickly. Organized by Stewart Lockie and Tom Measham, it will welcome global delegates, including hybrid session attendees. Additionally, the IASNR Council has launched a strategic planning process to address challenges in publishing and conferencing.

IASNR Hub Updates

As IASNR continues to support members from across the globe, the formation of new IASNR Hubs continues to be reflected in the work of IASNR members in several regions. As noted in the strategic planning update earlier in this newsletter, IASNR Council is seeking further clarity on how to support the emergence of these Hubs.

Updates from Society & Natural Resources


The 2023 calendar year (Volume 36 of the journal), is the third full year of Kristin Floress’ and Emily S. Huff’s appointment as Editors-in-Chief. To date, issues 1-11 have been published online. Issue 12 will be published in the first half of December 2023. The printed journal for the last quarter mailing of Volume 36 will be mailed in the coming weeks.

Learn More IASNR Conferences!


2024 IASNR Conference – Cairns, Australia


2025 IASNR Conference – Vancouver, Canada

The IASNR Conference Support Committee seeks host institutions for 2027 and beyond. Interested parties should submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to [email protected]. A full proposal will be required if selected for by the Conference Support Committee.

Ethics Committee Update

The Ethics Committee, in collaboration with the Diversity Equity and Inclusion committee, are hosting a hybrid roundtable at the IASNR conference this summer. The combination panel was in part inspired by previous discussions in Council about the distinction between punitive and aspirational ethics, and a decision was reached to have DEI and Ethics in dialogue for the professional and inclusionary aspirations of IASNR. The panel is titled “Reflections on progress to date and priorities for moving forward”. In the roundtable,  the teams will share findings from previous roundtables. This will be followed by a facilitated discussion about what members want to see for the future in terms of ethics and key diversity, equity, and inclusion issues related to research and teaching. We hope you can attend! Additionally, the Ethics Committee has been hard at work to finalize revisions to the Code of Ethics. As a reminder, we did a major overhaul of the Code, which was adopted by IASNR membership in 2022. Now, we will be voting on another set of revisions to the Code at the All Membership meeting on 6/26/24 in conjunction with the IASNR Conference in Cairns through an online ballot so that members who are not present at the conference can participate in the vote.

Invitation to submit book titles and abstracts to the new IASNR Book Series, a proposed partnership with Cambridge University Press or Taylor and Francis

The IASNR Book Series Editorial Board has been working in partnership with the IASNR Publications Committee and Executive Committee to create a book series proposal, which is likely to be submitted to Cambridge University Press and/or Taylor and Francis. As part of this proposal, we require book titles and up to 250 words abstracts that could be published within this series over the coming 2-3 years. We cordially invite all IASNR members, and academics within your network, to suggest books for the series.  We welcome a broad suite of books including monographs, edited volumes, methodological guides, handbooks etc. Please send Christopher Raymond ([email protected]) suggested book titles by Friday the 7th June 2024 and he can work with you in creating an abstract.

Opening Windows: The third decennial review from the International Association for Society and Natural Resources

IASNR is excited to announce the publication of Opening Windows: Embracing New Perspectives and Practices in Natural Resource Social Sciences, edited by Kate Sherren, Gladman Thondhlana, and Douglas Jackson-Smith. Chapters are co-authored by many IASNR members.

Opening Windows simultaneously examines the breadth and societal relevance of Society and Natural Resources (SNR) knowledge, explores emergent issues and new directions in SNR scholarship, and captures the increasing diversity of SNR research. Authors from various backgrounds—career stage, gender and sexuality, race/ethnicity, and global region—provide a fresh, nuanced, and critical look at the field from both researchers’ and practitioners’ perspectives. 

This reflexive book is organized around four key themes: diversity and justice, governance and power, engagement and elicitation, and relationships and place.

Registrants at the IASNR Conference in Cairns, Australia, will receive a free ebook. For those who wish to purchase a hardcopy, you will receive a 40% discount by using the code IASNR24, which is available until the 30th June 2024.

About Us

The International Association of Society and Natural Resources (IASNR) provides unique professional development, publishing, and conferencing opportunities to students, scientists, and managers from around the world working at the interface between society and the environment. Our professional development work focuses on students and professionals with active Facebook and Twitter accounts that help you keep on top of current events, opportunities, issues, and publications. Our activities also include webinars, mentoring, and networking events.

We publish the journal Society & Natural Resources (SNR) through publisher Taylor & Francis. Our Society and Natural Resources Book Series and Press publishes books through our University Press of Colorado consortium. The annual IASNR Conference, (previously known as ISSRM),  moves around the world linking students, managers, and scientists through research and practice.

Most of IASNR’s operating budget comes from membership fees.  You can support IASNR to continue to provide and expand IASNR activities by  renewing your IASNR membership for 2024, even if you don’t plan on attending the conference.  You can also help us by recruiting new members. We are eager to expand our membership of scholars and practitioners working in the public, private, and non-profit sectors . Who do you know who might enjoy IASNR?  Thank you in advance for renewing!

Association Membership

It’s time to purchase or renew your IASNR membership for 2024! To so many of us, IASNR has been our professional “home” that allows us to connect with colleagues from all over the world whose work focuses on the relationships between society and natural resources. Our connections with each other also help sustain us through challenging professional and personal times. We would love to see you purchase membership for 2024. Please keep in mind the following benefits of being an IASNR member and more.

  • Membership gives you access to the great journal Society & Natural Resources online and in-print.
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  • The Student Affairs Committee of IASNR provides great opportunities to connect with other students around the world and gain access to helpful professional development opportunities, our mentorship program, and job postings. 
  • Discounts on books published through the SNR Book Series & Press, and opportunities to publish.
  • The Professional Development Committees of IASNR provides great opportunities for members at different stages in their career to learn from each other about research, teaching, engagement, and management practices, via webinar and other formats.
  • Working across scales and around the world, IASNR is the key to networking with others working at the intersection of society and natural resources. Given the inequities we face in times of disruption and change, natural resources and the human and non-human communities that rely on them are at the frontline of conflicts, struggles and opportunities. IASNR members research and work at these flashpoints. We need to support each other!

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