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Notes from the Executive Officers

Christopher Raymond-6
Christopher M. Raymond, Executive Director
Kelly Biedenweg, Treasurer
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John Parkins, Secretary

Greetings IASNR Members,

We have several important reminders and updates which are included below. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.

2024 IASNR Conference, Cairns, Australia, June 23-27, 2024

The IASNR Conference in Cairns is just around the corner. The theme for this year is ‘Re-creating landscape and culture in a time of global change’. The conference program is available here. Our local conference organizers are Stewart Lockie, Director, The Cairns Institute, James Cook University, and Tom Measham, Research Director, CRC for Transformations in Mining Economies. 

We look forward to welcoming delegates from across the globe, including many delegates who will be joining hybrid sessions this year.

IASNR Strategic Planning

IASNR Council has initiated a strategic planning process for the organization. Given the rapidly changing nature of publishing and conferencing, the Council identified a need to address these challenges strategically and in a way that engages the membership of IASNR. In particular, the strategic planning process will address the following topics:

  • Conferences: nature, timing, intended audience
  • Journal: strategic focus and processing of papers
  • Membership: Building and retaining 
  • Internationalization: hubs, hybrid engagements, partnerships

We received 8 proposals from our Request for Proposals, and a sub-committee will recommend moving forward with the successful consultants at our next IASNR Council meeting on June 13th. The strategic planning process will likely take place from mid-August 2024 to December 31,2024, but may be extended depending on the approach of the preferred consultant.

Welcome to New IASNR Council Members

Thanks to all IASNR members who put their names forward for election to the IASNR Council. We look forward to working with our new Council members and we congratulate the following individuals who will start their term on January 1, 2025.

Student Rep Elect:
Krista Harrington, Oregon State University, USA

Council Members:
Candace May, United States Environmental Protection Agency, USA
Sarah Gottwald, Leuphana University, Germany
Brooke McWherter, Dalhousie University, Canada


~ Chris, Kelly, and John