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Updates from Society & Natural Resources

SNR Co-Editors

Appointment of a new Co-Editor-in-Chief


Kristin Floress, Editor-in-Chief

USDA Forest Service’s Northern Research Station (2020-2024)


Emily S. Huff, Editor-in-Chief

Michigan State University (2020- 2025)

The IASNR community thanks Kristin Floress for her years of service as co-editor-in-chief of the journal Society & Natural Resources. As we seek to renew the editorship at the journal, the Publications Committee, along with the co-editor-in-chief, Emily Huff, are working to secure a replacement for Kristin. The Publications committee is currently interviewing prospective editors and will bring forward a recommendation for a new co-editor at the IASNR council meeting on June 13th. 

The Editors-in-Chief greatly appreciate the strong, supportive role SNR’s Associate Editors  play in the editorial review process. The Editors-in-Chief also wish to thank all Editorial Board Members  for their invaluable, ongoing contribution in the review process of manuscripts submitted to SNR.

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Call for Associate Editors

Society & Natural Resources is seeking applications for Associate Editors across all social science disciplines and natural resources topics. Associate Editors handle about 10 manuscripts a year, including inviting reviewers, considering reviewers’ comments, and making paper revision and publication recommendations to the Editors-in-Chief. Associate Editors play a crucial role in editorial decisions.

The current call will result in Associate Editor appointments for two years starting in Janaury 2024. We invite colleagues who have completed their PhD and who have already published in indexed peer-reviewed journals in the broad field of environmental social science to send an application (single pdf file) to [email protected], including: (1) a paragraph with their research expertise; (2) a list of publications; (3) a paragraph with current and past professional positions, and (4) any prior editorial experience. The deadline for submitting an application is December 15, 2023.

We are looking forward to receiving your applications and expanding the community of practice around Society & Natural Resources.

Please email the SNR Editorial Office ([email protected]) if you have any questions.

Rabel J. Burdge & Donald R. Field Outstanding Article Award for Papers Published in 2023

Society & Natural Resources organizes a committee to review nominations and select a winner for the Rabel J. Burdge and Donald R. Field Outstanding Article Award, for best general research article published in each volume of the journal. The award recipient receives a US $500 cash prize,* sponsored by the journal’s publisher, Taylor & Francis, and is recognized at the IASNR Conference (formerly ISSRM) in June each year. The winning article for 2023 is outlined below.

SNR Volume 36 (2023)


Sanna Komi
Nygren Anja_E3F3952_photo Linda Tammisto
Anja Nygren


Sanna Komi & Anja Nygren. 2023. “Bad Wolves? Political Ecology of Responsibility and More-Than-Human Perspectives in Human–Wildlife Interactions.” Society & Natural Resources 36(10), pages 1238-1256.

Abstract: Given the widespread failure of anthropocentric approaches to wildlife conservation, questions of conviviality have become increasingly important for conservation efforts. We propose that political-ecological conceptualizations of other-than-human perspectives offer promising avenues for fostering more just and sustainable human-wildlife interactions. To explore these issues, we investigate wolf conservation in northeastern Finland, focusing on the contested coexistence of humans and wolves. Our study draws on data obtained through interviews and participant observation with local residents, interviews with wolf behavior researchers, and analysis of policy documents. Our findings highlight the fundamental roles of power and responsibility in human-wildlife coexistence, as well as the importance of attending to wolves’ intrinsic patterns of behavior. We argue for the value of distinguishing between human agency and other-than-human actions, as attributing intentional agency to wolves can obscure important aspects of human responsibility, political decision-making, and power dynamics at the intersections of humans and other-than-humans.

Paper Award Committee Members: Editor-in-Chief, Kristin Floress and SNR Editorial Board members Jane Addison (James Cook University, Townsville, Australia), Louise Eriksson (Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden), Thembela Kepe (University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada), and Chris Sneddon (Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, USA).