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The Official Newsletter for IASNR Members

Keeping in Touch

Volume 20, Issue 1

Pictured: Downtown Portland, Oregon, site for 2021 ISSRM.

Notes from the Executive Director

Steve Daniels

Utah State University

Interim Executive Director April – December 2020

I hope this newsletter finds you all doing well.

Most times that would be a cliched platitude, but these days it is heartfelt sentiment because the simple act of “doing well” cannot be taken for granted. Many of the things we have assumed would always be there–like an dinner out with friends–are not available to us just now. Among those is the camaraderie that we would have enjoyed at the ISSRM meeting this summer in Cairns, had we been able to hold it.

The leadership of IASNR is working hard to re-group after the cancellation of the Cairns meeting. Thanks to Courtney Flint’s efforts as Treasurer, the conference venue refunded our deposits, so the Association will not take a significant financial hit. We are working rapidly to develop an online conference for this summer which will provide many, but certainly not all, of the aspects of an in-person meeting. Plans are well underway for the 2021 ISSRM in Portland. New editors will soon be taking the helm of Society and Natural Resources. Elections were successfully held this spring and new Council members and executive officers were elected. The future of the organization has been, and will continue to be in good hands. And I can say that without bragging on myself inasmuch as my tenure as Executive Director will be the shortest in the organization’s history because Bill Stewart’s will assume the position in January 2021.

Updates from Society & Natural Resources


We are pleased to announce that Kristin Floress (USDA Forest Service) and Emily S. Huff (Michigan State University) are the incoming Society & Natural Resources (SNR) Editors-in-Chief. Click below to read their statement and an update from the current Editors-in-Chief, Tasos Hovardas and Linda S. Prokopy.

We have also awarded the 5th annual Rabel J. Burdge and Donald R. Field Outstanding Article Award, for best general research article published in Volume 32 (2019) of Society & Natural Resources! Click below to read more.

Learn More about the 2020, 2021, and 2022 ISSRM!

The IASNR Office is hosting our first ever virtual ISSRM from July 11-26, 2020. We are also busy planning our in-person meetings in Portland, Oregon for 2021 and San Jose, Costa Rica for 2022. Click below to learn more!

2020 ISSRM – Virtual Conference

2022 ISSRM – San José, Costa Rica

2021 ISSRM – Portland, Oregon

Change the Name of ISSRM? A Voting Item for the General Membership Meeting

The Executive Officers and members of Council have been aware that there is confusion between the name of our flagship conference—the International Symposium for Society and Resource Management (ISSRM)—and the name of the association and our journal, Society & Natural Resources.

Updates from the Various IASNR Committees

All of the IASNR Committees have been serving the membership and organization as a whole. Click below to read an update from our various committees. If you would like to be involved in a committee or have any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you! Please email email [email protected] to get in touch with us.

  • Updates from the Finance Committee
  • A Note from the Treasurer
  • Updates from the IASNR 2020 Elections
  • Updates from the Site Selection Committee
  • Updates from the Communications Committee
  • Updates from the Professional Development Committee
  • Update from the Student Affairs Committee
  • Updates from the Ethics Committee
  • Updates from the Ad-hoc Membership Committee

Association Membership

Be sure to renew or purchase IASNR membership for 2020 for access to Society & Natural Resources online and in-print. Current 2020 IASNR members also have the opportunity to attend our yearly conference, the ISSRM. If you need an invoice for 2020 ISSRM virtual conference registration in lieu of membership, contact Jessica Hill at [email protected]. IASNR also offers professional development resources and access to a great network of researchers and practitioners. An IASNR account is required to purchase or renew membership. Click here to login or create a free account.

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