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Society & Natural Resources Updates for Early 2020 Keeping in Touch Issue

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SNR Co-Editors

A Note from the Outgoing Editors

Tasos Hovardas

Tasos HovardasEditor-in-Chief

University of Cyprus (2018 – 2020)


Linda S. Prokopy, Editor-in-Chief

Purdue University (2018 – 2020)

Volume 33 of Society & Natural Resources will be the last volume of our term. It has been our privilege and challenge to act as Editors-in-Chief for SNR. We would like to thank IASNR for giving us the opportunity to undertake this role as a service to the Association and the readership of the journal. As we promised three years ago in our introductory editorial, we did our best to promote the reputation and positioning of SNR as a leading journal in environmental social science. All our work and contribution has been based on the invaluable input of our colleagues serving as Associate Editors, Editorial Board Members, and Reviewers. No word will ever be enough to thank this expanding community of practice around SNR. The same is also true for the Assistant Editor of SNR, Jessica Hill, who has been working long hours to secure the smooth operation of all editorial processes. We wish every success to the incoming Editors-in-Chief, Drs.  Kristin Floress and Emily Huff, and we will be there to support them anytime needed.

A Note from the Incoming Editors

We are thrilled to serve as the incoming Co-Editors-in-Chief for Society and Natural Resources, and have begun the onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition of editorial operations in July.  We plan to sustain the many improvements Linda Prokopy and Tasos Hovardas made with regard to shortening review times, maintaining an active editorial board, and communicating clearly with authors and reviewers. Our vision for our term as editors is to make SNR the key outlet for the written work of early-career and graduate student scientists while maintaining the journal’s status as the premier outlet for natural resources/conservation social science research among established scientists. We intend to increase mentoring activities for students and early-career scientists and we will work with IASNR council and Taylor & Francis to do so.

About Us

Kristin Floress, Editor-in-Chief

USDA Forest Service’s Northern Research Station (2020-2023)

I gave my first professional talk at the 2004 ISSRM in Keystone, Colorado, and go to the Symposium every year funding (and travel approvals) allow. IASNR has been my primary professional organization since I was a graduate student, and, to my delight, my first article from my dissertation was published in SNR. I have served IASNR in a number of roles over the years, including Best Student Paper competition reviewer, ISSRM scientific advisory committee member, and IASNR council member. I am currently a Research Social Scientist with the USDA Forest Service’s Northern Research Station, but have had jobs ranging from associate professor to seller of the world’s highest donuts atop Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Editing is one of my favorite things to do, and I am certain there is a parallel universe where I am a science fiction book editor. Another favorite professional activity of mine is working with graduate students, thus I am looking forward to starting discussions with the Student Advisory Committee about ways we can work together with students on writing and publishing their research. I live in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois with my husband, two young boys, and a sneaky dog.

I first attended the 2013 ISSRM in Estes Park, Colorado as a student member. After years of attending the Society of American Foresters National Convention, I was thrilled to find a home where social science was appreciated and understood. Some of the student members I met then are now my professional colleagues at universities, agencies, and NGOs across the globe. I am currently an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University where I hold a Research, Teaching, and Extension appointment in the Department of Forestry. Before this position, I was a Research Forester with the USDA Forest Service’s Northern Research Station, working on the National Woodland Owner Survey. One of my greatest professional achievements was writing and singing an advertising jingle for Herrells, a famed ice cream shop in western Massachusetts where I grew up. I am looking forward to serving SNR and supporting increased student engagement with the peer review process. I split my time between Lansing and (near) Marquette, Michigan with my husband and two dogs.

Emily S. Huff, Editor-in-Chief

Michigan State University (2020- 2023)

Rabel J. Burdge & Donald R. Field Outstanding Article Award

for Best General Research Article Published in Volume 32 (2019) of SNR

Society & Natural Resources publishes a call every Spring for nominations for the Rabel J. Burdge and Donald R. Field Outstanding Article Award, for best general research article published in each volume of the journal. The award recipient receives a US $500 cash prize,* sponsored by the journal’s publisher, Taylor & Francis.

We thank Editorial Board members Peter Edwards (Landcare Research – Manaaki Whenua, New Zealand), Klara Fischer (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden), Trevor Hill (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa), Thomas Thaler (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria), and Christopher Wynveen (Baylor University, USA) who judged SNR’s “Outstanding Article” for Volume 32 (2019).

For the second time we had a tie and awarded both papers with this honorable distinction.

Claudia Baldwin

Graham Marshall


Helen Ross


Jim Cavaye


Janet Stephenson


Lyn Carter


Claire Freeman


Allan Curtis


Geoff Syme

Melinda R. Mylek

Jacki Schirmer