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Call for Proposals to Host
The IASNR Conference 2027 and Beyond

Due Date for Letter of Intent: Dec 5, 2024
Due Date for Full Proposal: March 1, 2025

The IASNR Conference Support Committee seeks host institutions for the annual meeting of the International Association for Society & Natural Resources (IASNR) for 2027 and beyond.

Interested parties should submit a Letter of Intent by Dec 5, 2024. If selected for full proposal by the Conference Support Committee, full proposals are due March 1, 2025. The IASNR Business Office and the Conference Support Committee will provide support and guidance for full proposal submissions.

Letter of Intent Requirements:

Interested parties should submit a Letter of Intent (LOI), no more than five pages, including the following information:

  • Year(s) requested to host the IASNR conference
  • Names and affiliations of conference organizers and hosts
  • Description of the meeting site/venue, including meeting spaces (e.g., plenary and breakout rooms, common areas, food/drink options, accessibility for those with movement limitations)
  • Description of high speed internet capability, audiovisual equipment, and other resources needed for remote/hybrid conference participation
  • Description of remote/hybrid meeting approach
  • Description of travel options to/from site, local sociocultural attractions, amenities, and highlights
  • Description of housing options and costs, including on-campus dorms and low-cost lodging options
  • Description of host’s institutional support (financial, in-kind, and staff support allocations, for example)
  • Description of host’s partnerships with local indigenous communities, community organizations, and universities
  • Description of low-cost childcare and family-friendly options
  • Overall strategies and potential to keep the conference low-cost for participants, including potential sponsors

The Conference Support Committee will review LOIs and contact all submitters by January 15, 2024. If invited to submit a full proposal, the IASNR Business Office and Conference Support Committee will provide guidance and support for proposal development. We anticipate final decisions to be made by May 2024.  

Who to Contact:

If you have questions about the conference, the preparation of the proposal, or wish to express interest in preparing a proposal, please contact [email protected].