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Conference Support Committee Updates

The IASNR 2023 conference took place in Portland, Maine and had a total of 401 registrants! Thank you to the conference chairs Gene Theodori, Jessica Leahy, and Matt Carroll and to IASNR business manager Jessica Hill for their hard work making the conference a success. The intellectual and social connections were vibrant and the meeting was also a financial success.

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2024 IASNR Conference –

Cairns, Australia

Pictured: Shangri-La hotel in Cairns, Australia

Conference Theme: Re-creating Landscape and Culture in a Time of Global Change

The IASNR 2024 conference will take place in Cairns, Australia from June 23-27, and the call for organized sessions has been announced. We are accepting organized session proposals under two different formats: 1) normal fully in-person sessions; and 2) hybrid sessions where presenters will be a mix of in-person and remote attendees. We are planning for a primarily in-person conference in Cairns, but we will offer some online engagement—limited to plenary events and a small number of hybrid sessions. This will be IASNR’s first foray into the world of hybrid conference events, and based on the experience we will decide how to engage in future years. And speaking of future years, planning for IASNR 2025 in Vancouver, Canada is already underway. Look for more announcements about this and other future conferences in the coming months!

Pictured: The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

2025 IASNR Conference –

Vancouver, Canada

Conference Theme: Crisis, Change, and Opportunity in a World at Risk: Towards a Socially-Just and Sustainable World

Conference Date: June 7-12, 2025

The 2025 IASNR Conference is scheduled in Vancouver, Canada at The University of British Columbia.

More information coming soon!

Call for Proposals to Host 

The IASNR Conference 2026 and Beyond

The IASNR Conference Support Committee seeks host institutions for 2026 and beyond.

Interested parties should submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to [email protected]. A full proposal will be required if selected for by the Conference Support Committee.