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Volume 21, Issue 1

The Official Newsletter for IASNR Members

Keeping in Touch

Notes from the Executive Officers

The start of 2021 has ushered in rays of hope for many as we weather the global pandemic. Our world has changed dramatically in the past 18 months and we are all finding new ways to adapt, communicate and connect. We hope this newsletter finds you well and in good stead. Our IASNR community is a resource that is available to all its members and allies.

Call for Proposals to Host
The IASNR Conference 2024 and Beyond

The IASNR Conference Support Committee seeks host institutions for the annual meeting of the International Association for Society & Natural Resources (IASNR) for 2024 and beyond.

Interested parties should submit a Letter of Intent by August 15, 2021. If selected for full proposal by the Conference Support Committee, full proposals are due October 31, 2021. The IASNR Business Office and the Conference Support Committee will provide support and guidance for full proposal submissions.

Society & Natural Resources Book Series

The Society & Natural Resources Book Series includes books that examine the complexity of interrelationships among human societies, biophysical and built environments and natural resources. We are especially interested in works that engage emergent issues and inform transformations between society and natural resources toward greater social and environmental justice, health and sustainability/resilience.

2021 Proposed Changes to IASNR Governance Documents

After considerable thought and discussion during, the IASNR Council recently passed several potential changes to our IASNR Constitution and Bylaws which will be voted on by the membership after the IASNR All Members Meeting (also known as the General Assembly or Business Meeting) held during the 2021 Virtual IASNR Conference.

In accordance with our Constitution, these proposed changes have been posted on the IASNR website for your review and comment between now and the meeting in June. We will consider any suggestions and offer the amended changes for the aforementioned vote in June.

IASNR Membership Survey

Several IASNR committees collaborated to develop a member survey. The survey is an important way for our association to assess the needs and interests of our members and to make sure we stay relevant and responsive to changes. Thank you to Chloe Wardropper and many others who helped to develop the 2021 survey. We are still sifting through results, but here are a few highlights. We received 146 responses from current or former members, composed of 54% faculty, 23% students and postdocs, 15% non-academic professional, with the remainder representing retired or other categories. The top three IASNR services or opportunities valued by respondents were the Society and Natural Resources Journal, professional networking, and professional development opportunities. Common reasons for attending the IASNR conference included seeing colleagues and the supportive environment for graduate students. The Council is grateful for numerous helpful suggestions for building and maintaining relationships within IASNR including year-round activities, regional meetings, and engaging more non-academic professionals.

Updates from Society & Natural Resources


The 2021 calendar year (Vol.34 of the journal), is the first full year of Kristin Floress and Emily S. Huff’s appointment as Editors-in-Chief. As of June, 2021, 6 issues of Vol.34 (2021) have been published online.

The Editors-in-Chief greatly appreciate the strong, supportive role SNR‘s Book Review Editors Claudia Benham (James Cook University, Townsville, Australia) and Laura Verbrugge (University of Aalto, Espoo, Finland) and SNR’s Associate Editors  play in the editorial review process. The Editors-in-Chief also wish to thank all Editorial Board Members  for their invaluable, ongoing contribution in the review process of manuscripts submitted to SNR. Click here to view a list of current Editorial Board Members. 

If you are interested in joining the Editorial Board or reviewing papers for SNR, please email [email protected].

SNR Editors Kristin Floress and Emily S. Huff have put out a call for Special Issues. Click below for more information.

Learn More about the 2021, 2022, & 2023 IASNR Conference!

The 2021 IASNR Conference will be held virtually from June 20-24, 2021. We are also busy planning several great in-person conferences for 2022 and beyond.


2021 IASNR Virtual Conference


2023 IASNR Conference – Portland, Maine


2022 IASNR Conference- San José, Costa Rica


Open Call for 2024 and beyond!

Updates from the Various IASNR Committees

All of the IASNR Committees have been serving the membership and organization as a whole. Click below to read an update from our various committees. If you would like to be involved in a committee or have any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you! Please email email [email protected] to get in touch with us.

  • A Note from the Treasurer
  • Updates from the Elections Committee
  • Updates from the Conference Support Committee
  • Updates from the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee
  • Updates from the Ethics Commitee
  • Updates from the Membership Committee
  • Updates from the Professional Development Committee
  • Updates from the Publications Committee
  • Updates from the Student Affairs (SAC) Committee

Society & Natural Resource Press and Book Series – New Book!

A very valuable contribution. Anyone involved in energy development research will benefit from the exceptional overview of the literature that Energy Impacts provides.


Development of various energy sources continues across North America and around the world, raising questions about social and economic consequences for the places and communities where these activities occur. Energy Impacts brings together important new research on site-level social, economic, and behavioral impacts from large-scale energy development. Featuring conceptual and empirical multidisciplinary research from leading social scientists, the volume collects a broad range of perspectives to understand North America’s current energy uses and future energy needs.

Twelve chapters from respected scholars in a variety of disciplines present new ways to consider and analyze energy impact research. Focused on varied energy topics, geographies, and disciplines, each chapter includes a policy brief that summarizes the work and provides “key takeaways” to apply the findings to policy and public discourse.

Meaningful public engagement is critical in limiting the negative implications of energy development, and understanding the social influences on and of energy systems is a cornerstone of addressing the climate crisis. As such, Energy Impacts is a significant work for students, scholars, and professionals working in sociology, education, geography, environmental studies, and public health.

About Us

The International Association of Society and Natural Resources (IASNR) provides unique professional development, publishing, and conferencing opportunities to students, scientists, and managers from around the world working at the interface between society and the environment. Our professional development work focuses on students and professionals with active Facebook and Twitter accounts that help you keep on top of current events, opportunities, issues, and publications. Our activities also include webinars, mentoring, and networking events.

We publish the journal Society & Natural Resources (SNR) through publisher Taylor & Francis. Our Society and Natural Resources Book Series and Press publishes books through our University Press of Colorado consortium. The annual IASNR Conference, (previously known as ISSRM),  moves around the world linking students, managers, and scientists through research and practice.

Most of IASNR’s operating budget comes from membership fees.  You can support IASNR to continue to provide and expand IASNR activities by  renewing your IASNR membership for 2021, even if you don’t plan on attending the conference.  You can also help us by recruiting new members. We are eager to expand our membership of scholars and practitioners working in the public, private, and non-profit sectors . Who do you know who might enjoy IASNR?  Thank you in advance for renewing!

Association Membership

It’s not too late to renew your IASNR membership for 2021! To so many of us, IASNR has been our professional “home” that allows us to connect with colleagues from all over the world whose work focuses on the relationships between society and natural resources. Our connections with each other also help sustain us through challenging professional and personal times. We would love to see you renew your membership for 2021. Please keep in mind the following benefits of being an IASNR member and more.

  • The 2021 IASNR Virtual Conference (July 20-24) will be a great way to connect despite the pandemic that keeps us from meeting face-to-face. 
  • Membership gives you access to the great journal Society & Natural Resources online and in-print.
  • The IASNR Conference in Costa Rica in 2022 will be fantastic! Membership helps support these planning efforts and keeps you informed about opportunities to get involved.
  • The Student Affairs Committee of IASNR provides great opportunities to connect with other students around the world and gain access to helpful professional development opportunities, our mentorship program, and job postings. 
  • Discounts on books published through the SNR Book Series & Press, and opportunities to publish.
  • The Professional Development Committees of IASNR provides great opportunities for members at different stages in their career to learn from each other about research, teaching, engagement, and management practices, via webinar and other formats.
  • Working across scales and around the world, IASNR is the key to networking with others working at the intersection of society and natural resources. Given the inequities we face in times of disruption and change, natural resources and the human and non-human communities that rely on them are at the frontline of conflicts, struggles and opportunities. IASNR members research and work at these flashpoints. We need to support each other!

Your membership will ensure these opportunities are possible and that you will have access to these great resources. Click below to learn more about IASNR membership or to renew your membership.

If you have any questions about membership, contact Jessica Hill at [email protected].

An IASNR account is required to purchase or renew membership. Click here to login or create a free account.

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