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Call for to Host the IASNR Conference in 2026 & Beyond

Hello IASNR members and potential conference hosts!

The Conference Support Committee is excited to invite proposals to host the IASNR Annual Conference for 2026 and beyond. We have streamlined the process by asking interested parties to submit a simplified Letter of Intent by Dec 5, 2023. The committee will then invite full proposals from those that are deemed most appropriate. All of the information can be found by clicking here.

Unsure of how to submit a proposal or if it would work for you? We are happy to help! Please email Jessica Hill in the IASNR Business Office or IASNR Treasurer Becky Schewe.

We particularly invite proposals from sites outside of North America or in new locations within North America. Share your amazing places with IASNR!

We hope to hear from you soon,

~ Becky Schewe, IASNR Treasurer