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Kristin Floress, Editor-in-Chief

USDA Forest Service’s Northern Research Station (2020-2025)


Emily S. Huff, Editor-in-Chief

Michigan State University (2020- 2025)

The 2023 calendar year (Volume 36 of the journal), is the third full year of Kristin Floress and Emily S. Huff’s appointment as Editors-in-Chief. To date, issues 1-2 have been published online. Issues 3-4 have been drafted and are awaiting production.

The Editors-in-Chief greatly appreciate the strong, supportive role SNR’s Associate Editors  play in the editorial review process. The Editors-in-Chief also wish to thank all Editorial Board Members  for their invaluable, ongoing contribution in the review process of manuscripts submitted to SNR. Click here to view a list of current Editorial Board Members.

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8th Annual “Rabel J. Burdge and Donald R. Field Outstanding Article Award”

SNR Volume 35 (2022)

The Editors and Editorial Board of Society & Natural Resources are pleased to announce the winner of SNR’s “Rabel J. Burdge and Donald R. Field Outstanding Article Award” for papers published in 2022!

Kathleen Murphy
Kathryn Stone
Emma Stirling Cameron
Lola Strand
Chaise Combs
Anam Khan
Ungar-Oct. 2018 Cropped Photo
Michael Ungar

Kathleen Murphy, Kathryn Stone, Emma Stirling Cameron, Lola Strand, Chaise Combs, Anam Khan & Michael Ungar. 2022. “Steeped in Oil”: The Socio-Psychological Factors and Processes That Influence Community Members’ Attitudes toward Economic Diversification in an Oil and Gas-Producing Community.” Society & Natural Resources 35(9), pages 936-954.

Abstract: Oil and gas-producing communities are threatened by a precarious oil market and global commitments to transition to a greener economy. Economic diversification has been proposed as a potential strategy for supporting the resilience of these communities amidst such challenges. We sought to explore community members’ attitudes toward the future of their small oil and gas-producing Canadian community to understand the socio-psychological factors and processes that influence their support for economic diversification and those which reinforce path dependency. This qualitative study involved interviews with 37 adults in the community, and a subset of 16 of those participants engaged in transect walks to further explore emerging themes. While the recent prolonged economic downturn prompted some participants’ willingness to diversify, the deeply ingrained culture and identity as an oil and gas town, the ‘golden handcuffs’ of the industry, and optimism for another boom, acted to reinforce path dependency.

Paper Award Committee Members: Editor-in-Chief, Kristin Floress and SNR Editorial Board members Caroline Gottschalk Druschke (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA), Kofi Akamani (Southern Illinois University), and Chris Zajchowski (University of Idaho, USA).