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New Logo for IASNR!

IASNR will be getting a new logo this year to provide an updated and inclusive representation.  We engaged a ‘working group’ of IASNR members to develop a process and shared vision, identify a professional designer, and work through the issues.  During the process, we reflected on IASNR’s core values that we wanted to emphasize.  We discussed quality cues, color palette and other factors related to representing IASNR for the next decade or more.  We engaged Council iteratively for discussion and eventually approval of the new logo. 

The animation for the new logo (above), suggests its ability to represent IASNR.  The logo features our acronym – IASNR – in clean boldface letters coupled with an abstracted pictorial of two dialogue boxes with their intersection resembling a leaf, and more generally, the intersection of people talking about natural resources and the environment. We used blue and green colors to capture the idea of the natural environment.  We plan to launch this new logo at the June IASNR conference.  Over the course of the year, we will update our webpages and other materials.

Thank you to the working group for sharing time and insight resulting in a logo that is welcoming and reflects the IASNR community: Emmanuel Akpabio, Lee Cerveny, Jessica Hill, Azahara Mesa Jurado, Becky Schewe, Kate Sherren, Mwazvita Sachikonye, Tak Watanabe and Bill Stewart.