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Notes from the Executive Officers

Bill Stewart, Executive Director
Becky Schewe, Treasurer
Lee Cerveny, Secretary

Hello Everyone!

We’re coming off an exciting year for IASNR.  We hosted two conferences that were successful at sharing research ideas, connecting our community, and advancing the mission and impact of IASNR.  Combined, we had a total of over 450 conference registrants for our in-person conference in June in San Jose, Costa Rica, and our virtual mini-conference in October. Due to the success of the 2020 and 2021 virtual conferences and the generosity of our members, IASNR was able to offer scholarships to over 40 students and early career professionals to attend the meetings.  We were joined at these events by many first-time IASNR participants, whom we hope will become long-standing members. With this year being one of transitioning-out of the global pandemic policies, we appreciated the flexibility of our members to engage the conference format that best suited their concerns for social distancing, sustainability, and networking.

This has been an exciting year as we actualize our intentions to expand the global reach of IASNR. We have implemented a regional “hub model”, one in which regional groups around the world organize themselves as a hub (or chapter) of IASNR.  Two inaugural hubs   were approved by the IASNR Council: The East and Southeast Asia Hub and the European Hub.  Each of these hubs have come together to organize periodic meetings and events under the auspices of IASNR, and encourage scholarship of regional interests connecting society and natural resources.  Let us know if you would like further information on how to organize an IASNR hub in your corner of the globe. 

We’re continuing with a gradual re-branding for IASNR.  Two years ago, we changed the name of the conference to match the society.  This year, we are re-designing the IASNR logo to give it a contemporary and inclusive appeal.  We’ve contracted with a professional designer to take us through a process of identity development, concept packaging and the specifics of branding for IASNR.  We’ve formed an IASNR working group and are engaging Council at important junctures in the new logo development.  Stay tuned for our new logo to be finalized by early 2023.

Finally, we have the election season coming up soon.  Along with three members of Council rotating off, and three on, we’ll be voting on new Executive Officers.  It is hard to be believe that our terms as Executive Director, Treasurer, and Secretary are coming to a close by end of 2023.  We are still enjoying our time as executive officers and grateful for the trust we have with Council and the greater membership of IASNR.  Please consider your colleagues and yourself as candidates to take-on a leadership position with IASNR, and submit a nomination.

We hope to see you June 11-15 for the 2023 IASNR Conference in Portland, Maine, USA.

Bill, Becky and Lee