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Society & Natural Resource Book Series Editorial Board

Jill Belsky, University of Montana
Mallika Bose, Penn State University
Ken Caine, University of Alberta
Anna Haines, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Rick Krannich, Retired from Utah State University
Marianne Penker, BOKU (in Austria)

IASNR and the SNR book series Editorial Board has initiated the process of a new ‘State of Knowledge’ volume for the field, to be published in 2024, consistent with past volumes in 2004 and 2014. Planned to be published with the Utah State University/University Press of Colorado, this 300-400 page edited volume has the current editorial team of Kate Sherren (Dalhousie), Gladman Thondhlana (Rhodes) and Douglas Jackson-Smith (Ohio State). Their work has only just gotten started, but they would like the IASNR community to know that calls will be coming out early in 2021 for chapter proposals. To whet your appetite, they are currently planning the following sections, to be confirmed in the new year:

  • Reviews, Essays and Commentaries (reflections on what has been, what we’ve missed, and/or what is next)
  • Advances in Theory and Methods (how are we building on established approaches in how we do our research?)
  • Trends in Application and Management (how is our field tackling novel challenges and changing the way natural resources are managed?)
  • Global Insights (including reviews of literature in non-English languages, written in English, but also reflections on how the field looks around the world)

Society & Natural Resource Press and Book Series

New Book!

A very valuable contribution. Anyone involved in energy development research will benefit from the exceptional overview of the literature that Energy Impacts provides.

—Don E. Albrecht, Utah State University


Development of various energy sources continues across North America and around the world, raising questions about social and economic consequences for the places and communities where these activities occur. Energy Impacts brings together important new research on site-level social, economic, and behavioral impacts from large-scale energy development. Featuring conceptual and empirical multidisciplinary research from leading social scientists, the volume collects a broad range of perspectives to understand North America’s current energy uses and future energy needs.

Twelve chapters from respected scholars in a variety of disciplines present new ways to consider and analyze energy impact research. Focused on varied energy topics, geographies, and disciplines, each chapter includes a policy brief that summarizes the work and provides “key takeaways” to apply the findings to policy and public discourse.

Meaningful public engagement is critical in limiting the negative implications of energy development, and understanding the social influences on and of energy systems is a cornerstone of addressing the climate crisis. As such, Energy Impacts is a significant work for students, scholars, and professionals working in sociology, education, geography, environmental studies, and public health.

We Welcome New Book Proposals!

IASNR works with the University Press of Colorado for distribution of existing books and co-publishing of new books! UPC handles marketing and distribution, giving us access to a vibrant and global publishing marketplace.

Society & Natural Resources Press and Book Series books are available for purchase directly from UPC.

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Society and Natural Resources Book Series includes books that examine the complexity of interrelationships among human societies, biophysical and built environments and natural resources.  We are especially interested in works that engage emergent issues and inform transformations between society and natural resources toward greater social and environmental justice, health and sustainability/resilience. The series does not privilege any particular research method, theory or discipline; it seeks submissions that build from any (or combinations) of the environmental/natural resource social sciences. Works that contribute to our understandings and actions on how global processes intersect with localities, in the South, North or through comparative case studies are encouraged.  We are particularly interested in publishing new books on the following topics:

  • climate justice
  • environmental policy and governance
  • natural resource utilization, management and decision-making
  • social and cultural change as it relates to environmental change
  • sustainability/resilience transitions
  • social-ecological systems dynamics
  • practice-informed resource management
  • institutional innovations
  • political economy/ecology perspectives on natural resource change and conflict

For further information or to inquire about submission of a book proposal, please contact:

Rachael Levay, Acquisitions Editor, University Press of Colorado & Utah State University Press

(720) 406-8849, ext. 807, toll-free (855) 777-6113, ext. 807