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Kindra Jesse De’Arman

Kindra De’Arman is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Oregon in the department of sociology. Her research and professional experience focus on environmental decision-making

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Milton G. Newberry, III

I serve as the Director of the Sustainable Technology Program at Bucknell University, where I guide the development and implementation of its vision and actions.

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Casey Taylor

My research focuses on how stakeholders, communities, and government institutions interact in the creation and implementation of natural resource policies and management plans. I use

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Carla Koons Trentelman

I teach sociology at a primarily undergraduate university, a teaching and learning school. Among other classes, I teach an environmental and natural resource sociology course,

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Shirley Thompson

Shirley Thompson is an Associate professor at the Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba. The focus of her research is on community development, food security,

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