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Douglas Jackson-Smith

I am broadly trained as a sociologist, with significant background in geography, economics, political science, and anthropology. I believe deeply in the value of using

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Garrett M. Steede

I’m an Assistant Professor of Agricultural, Food & Natural Resource Communication at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. I teach theory and practice-based courses

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Rishabh Mahendra

Rishabh is pursuing a Ph.D. in agricultural and applied economics at the Division of Applied Social Sciences, College for Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources of

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Jill Weiss

I have been working in the environmental field for over 20 years. I am an interdisciplinary scholar seeking opportunities to collaborate on social science and

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Kimberly Wishart Foon

I am a PhD candidate in the Environmental Science program at the University of Prince Edward Island. My interest in wildlife led me to pursue

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Juniper Katz

Juniper Katz is Assistant Professor of Public Policy at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She researches environmental policy and the interaction of public values.

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