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Douglas Jackson-Smith

I am broadly trained as a sociologist, with significant background in geography, economics, political science, and anthropology. I believe deeply in the value of using

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Darren Bardati

My research interests revolve around agroecology and sustainable foods systems, adaptation to climate change, and water management. My research interests revolve around agroecology and sustainable

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Liam Resener

My work studies the inseparable nature of socio-ecological systems, centering on human systems as drivers of ecological systems, and vice-versa. Currently, my work is focused

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Kate Sherren

I am interested in landscape change in anthropogenic systems like farms, energy, engineered coasts and cities, and how perceptions of landscape change can limit sustainability

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Hua Qin

Trained as an environmental and resource social scientist with emphasis on human population dynamics and sustainable development, Dr. Qin has a diverse academic background in

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H Carolyn Peach Brown

Dr. Carolyn Peach Brown is an Associate Professor and Director of Environmental Studies, a multidisciplinary liberal arts and science program at the University of Prince

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Jill Weiss

I have been working in the environmental field for over 20 years. I am an interdisciplinary scholar seeking opportunities to collaborate on social science and

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Casey Taylor

My research focuses on how stakeholders, communities, and government institutions interact in the creation and implementation of natural resource policies and management plans. I use

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