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Tourism Information & Local Attractions

Vancouver is a city that truly has it all – from stunning natural landscapes to vibrant urban attractions. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or someone who enjoys cultural experiences, Vancouver offers a diverse array of activities to enrich your visit. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the North Shore Mountains, the city is a playground for adventurers and nature lovers. Take advantage of your time here to explore some of the best that Vancouver has to offer.

Top Attractions and Activities

  1. Stanley Park: One of Vancouver’s most famous landmarks, Stanley Park features over 1,000 acres of lush forest, scenic seawall paths, and beautiful gardens. Enjoy walking, cycling, or simply relaxing while taking in the stunning views of the city and the ocean.

  2. Grouse Mountain: Just a short drive from downtown, Grouse Mountain offers year-round outdoor activities. In the summer, hike the famous Grouse Grind or take the Skyride for breathtaking views. In the winter, enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating.

  3. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park: Experience the thrill of walking across this iconic suspension bridge, which spans 450 feet across and 230 feet above the Capilano River. The park also features treetop adventures and a cliffwalk for a unique perspective of the forest.

  4. Pacific Spirit Regional Park: Located near the UBC campus, this expansive park offers numerous trails through lush forests, perfect for hiking, jogging, or a leisurely walk. It’s an ideal spot to unwind and connect with nature.

  5. Granville Island: A bustling hub of culture and food, Granville Island is home to a public market, artisan shops, theaters, and restaurants. Enjoy fresh local produce, unique crafts, and vibrant street performances.

  6. Kitsilano Beach: Known for its sandy shores and stunning views, Kitsilano Beach is perfect for a relaxing day by the water. Take a swim, play beach volleyball, or enjoy a picnic with a backdrop of the city skyline and mountains.

Vancouver’s blend of natural beauty and urban sophistication ensures that there is something for everyone. Make the most of your visit by exploring these local attractions and immersing yourself in the unique charm of this remarkable city.