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2024 Best Student Paper Awards – Call for Papers!

If you are a Ph.D., Master’s, or undergraduate student, you are invited to submit a paper for consideration of the “Best Student Paper Awards” given by the International Association for Society and Natural Resources (IASNR).

The following awards will be provided for the best papers by Taylor & Francis Group LLC.

  • Best paper submitted by a Doctoral student: check for $300
  • Best paper submitted by a Master’s student: check for $200
  • Best paper submitted by an undergraduate: check for $100

Guidelines: Papers must address issues pertaining to the social sciences of natural resources.  Papers based on empirical studies and data are preferred, but review articles and thought pieces will be considered. Preference will be given to student-authored papers.

Papers will primarily be judged on their  . . .

  • Advancement of knowledge
  • Significance of the topic for society and natural resource management
  • Quality and implementation of the research (if applicable)
  • Analysis and interpretation of the findings (if applicable)
  • Clarity and organization of the writing.

General Requirements

  • Students must be a current member of IASNR
  • Students are encouraged-but not required, to present their paper at the conference.
  • Students who choose to present at the conference will need to have their abstract submitted and accepted for the conference
  • The student submitting the abstract must be the first author of the paper.
  • The paper may be coauthored with another student, faculty member, or non-student.
  • However, more preference will be given to papers written solely by students
  • The paper must NOT have been accepted for publication or previously published in a proceedings, book, or journal.

Paper Requirements

  • Papers cannot exceed 25 pages in total including references. Papers longer than this will not be read (strictly enforced).
  • Please include an abstract (500 words or less), the author names, affiliations and contact information on the title page of the paper.
  • All pages must be double-spaced; 12-point font; and have 1inch margins on all sides.
  • The paper can follow the Chicago, American Psychological Association or American Sociological Association formatting style.

Paper Submission Procedures and Deadlines

  • The completed paper and title page must be emailed as an attachment to Dr. Jones [email protected].by Sunday, May 26 (3PM-Eastern Time Zone). Please refer questions to Dr. Jones and award recipients will be notified as soon as possible. Additional information about the 2024 IASNR Conference can be found by clicking here. For information on the International Association for Society and Natural Resources (IASNR) and a membership application, please visit the IASNR website.