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Postdoc position improving prioritization of wetland restoration

This research opportunity with EPA will leverage recently developed geospatial methods and datasets (Leibowitz et al. 2023) to hydrologically link several million existing and potentially-restorable wetlands to upslope nutrient sources and downstream waters. Specifically, this research will bring together EPA and other federal geospatial datasets of existing wetlands, potentially-restorable wetlands (https://rb.gy/bd0), stream and/or lake network hydrology (StreamCat and/or LakeCat), and landscape nutrient inventories into a connected framework that will allow for optimization of wetland restoration scenarios within several million watersheds of the conterminous US. The mentor for this opportunity will be Dr. Ryan Hill.

The deadline for application is 8/4/2023. However, applications will be reviewed on a rolling-basis and this posting could close before the deadline.